Behavioral health refers to any number of habits, behaviors, and actions that directly impact your health and wellbeing, and the interventions employed to correct those that are harmful. These could be addictions, substance use, eating disorders, and more. With the help of WHOA Behavioral Health, you will begin to recognize the connection between your behaviors and how they are impacting your overall health and satisfaction with life.

Behavioral health near City, ST discovers addictive behavior patterns and uses a wide variety of therapies to better manage behavior and heal from illness. Our licensed practitioners at WHOA offer an entire range of psychiatric services to diagnose problems and then form a customized treatment plan for each individual. Some of the modalities used are inpatient and outpatient treatment, rehab, therapy, and medications for anyone age four and over.

Do I need Mental Health Services or help with Behavioral Health?  Now available in Bon Air VA.

Mental health is an essential part of total body wellness and quality of life. It encompasses more than just your emotional well-being. It can have an impact on your entire life, including how you react to stress, and how you can relate to others and handle situations. When mental health issues are left undiagnosed, the individual may suffer a lowered quality of life. This doesn't have to happen. We are here to help you on every step of your healing journey. Common struggles with anxiety, depression, addictions, and more can be diagnosed and treated to help you find relief. At WHOA Behavioral Health, our mental health services near Bon Air VA include a thorough evaluation and discussion of your history so we can work together and develop a treatment plan that focuses on your needs and concerns.

Individuals will be given the tools they need to develop skills that address every aspect of the often complex mental health issues and the symptoms they cause. Patients are guided under the care of a knowledgeable psychiatric team that aims to help the recipient find and develop the right recovery skills to face their unique challenges. WHOA will build a treatment plan with you that will help you to cope as you develop functional skills to minimize the effect of your mental illness and live an independent and fulfilling life.