WHOA Behavioral Health offers comprehensive cognitive assessments powered by Cambridge Brain Science.

Objectively Measure Your Cognitive Function 

Mental health and mood disorders are intrinsically linked to core aspects of cognitive function that are key to your quality of life—understand how these disorders are affecting your cognition by completing a cognitive assessment.

Take Action:

  • Keep mentally fit: Select here to find out more.
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of your brain health, which will be used by providers to individualize treatment plans according to your needs
  • Re-assess your cognition throughout treatment to objectively measure improvements, giving you confidence that interventions are having the desired effects
  • Continue monitoring post-treatment to ensure you’re maintaining a level of cognitive function that enables you to live your best life

How does it work? 

Using a tablet, desktop or laptop computer, you’ll take a series of quick, fun, and engaging tasks that have been validated to measure your memory, concentration, reasoning and verbal abilities—all core areas of cognition that may be affected by a mental health condition. 

Can you spot the “Odd One Out”? This task measures your deductive reasoning ability. Common, everyday situations that require deductive reasoning include:

  • Following a set of rules during tax-time and determining you qualify for a rebate
  • Coming to conclusions about what’s safe for you to eat given a set of dietary restrictions
  • Choosing the best hotel to stay at according to the criteria that matter to you most

How will results be used? 

Results for each task you complete will indicate where you stand relative to others in your age group. Tests can be done for your own personal use or outside provider and/or within conjunction with treatment at WHOA. Over time, and as you progress, you’ll begin to see performance trends so that you can objectively evaluate improvement and how treatment is affecting you. Your healthcare professional can use this information during intake to ensure they target the right areas during treatment, and then re-assess periodically to measure progress. 


What Do Results Look Like?

A sample CBS Health report is available here. The report is designed to be easy to read and understand. It becomes more valuable with each additional assessment, showing your progress and letting you know when significant changes occur. Your provider will review your report after each assessment to measure progress and adjust as necessary.

Is This an IQ Test?

CBS Health assessments are not an IQ test! Think of it more like a blood pressure cuff for your brain. There’s no judgment, and the goal is progress over time, because we acknowledge that brain health changes from day to day. That’s why we believe we can improve or maintain your performance through our wholistic treatment approach, and now include cognitive assessments as a standard part of the program.

Are Cognitive Assessments Relevant to Me?

Cognitive health affects almost every part of your life. If you are visiting WHOA Behavioral Health to treat a specific ailment, it likely has a cognitive outcome—even conditions that have traditionally been seen as purely physical, such as pain, have cognitive effects. You’re not thinking well if you’re not feeling well.

More Information:

An Introduction to Cambridge Brain Science Health Cognitive Assessment.

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