Equine Therapy Programs for All Ages – Glen Allen VA

WHOA Behavioral Health’s mission is to promote empowerment and positive behavior through compassion, caring, and recognition. We are aware of the many obstacles that people of all ages face, and through positive reinforcement and specialized activities, we strive to create long-term success for everyone. 

Our Equine Therapy Programs in Glen Allen VA incorporates horses into the therapeutic/treatment process. Those seeking treatment engage in activities such as grooming, feeding, and leading a horse while being supervised by a specialist. Contact WHOA today to learn more. 

Benefits of equine therapy: 

Research has confirmed that equine therapy benefits can include lowering blood pressure and heart rate, alleviating stress, and reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression. It can also help people struggling with addiction.


Darla Renshaw, LPC runs Winds of Change Wellness, LLC, and her herd consists of 4 geldings and 4 mares ranging in age from 3 ½ to 31 years. Only 5 of the 8-member herd are currently offering their equine therapeutic assistance to clients’ sessions for healing, learning, growth, and development while 3 herd members are in training. The Wind Horse Ranch is a 10-acre horse farm located in Powhatan County. The arena and pasture provide sacred spaces for clients to explore and create healthy relationships with the horses, self, others, and nature. Darla is an innovative, inspiring, and integrative psychotherapeutic practitioner, who designed the Human Equine Alliance Relational Transformation (HEART) program as the basis for her EAMH practice.

Please call 804-373-7160 to be scheduled for an assessment. 

Caring & Licensed Providers

Our prescribers have a wealth of knowledge and various backgrounds alongside experience to meet a client where they are in their healing journey. We work as a team to ensure clients are taken care of fully and holistically. You’re not alone. Contact us today. Help is here.